Frankendael orchards

Secret gardens in Oost

River of Herbs orchards bench Bobby van Vliet
Bench crafted by Bobby van Vliet from fallen tree

Since 2014, River of Herbs has been caring for four beautiful shady orchards, within Amsterdam’s Park Frankendael. It’s a beautiful location, far from the busy city and yet a stone’s throw from tram line 9. Most Thursday mornings, a small team meets between 9.30 and 11.00 to garden, connect and drink fresh tea.

These herb gardens are created from wild, cultivated and unusual herbs. We work gently with the land to help the edible ad medicinal plants to thrive, wildlife to feel at home and to create the occasional harvest for us humans.  If you look carefully, you will find valerian, lungwort, sweet cicely, bay, motherwort, sweet violets, wild strawberries, mint, Japanese wineberry, hop and dozens of other herbs growing around the aging fruit trees.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Gemeente Amsterdam (afdeeling groen) which allows us to be guardians of these unique orchards. Also to Fonds voor Oost for supporting our efforts to make this project self-funding and to OranjeFonds who periodically help us via Burendag and NLDoet.

River of Herbs orchards 2017

Location is behind Huize Frankendael, Middenweg 72, 1097 BS Amsterdam. Click for map. Walk around the big house, to the restaurant terrace. Walk to the centre of the formal garden (notice that small dotted circle on the map). Look left and right – see those tall neat hedges? The orchards are inside. Each one has a low wooden gate. Come on in and have a look.


Through the darker months, we try to meet each week as usual but sometimes the weather keeps us at home. We do not meet if there is a storm, due to the old trees. If you want to check that one of the team will be there when you visit, please use the contact form or call Lynn on 0627596930.

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