Looking forward – Orchards

Pale pink toadstools growing within a hollow trees stump Frankendael orchards
Photo credit – Carolina Ivanescu

On Wednesday, several hardy volunteers gathered at the orchards to make chai tea (with the new Kelly Kettle), ate Caro’s oat cake and planned for the coming months. Here is a summary of what we hope to achieve over the coming months:


Kids walk including the barefoot path, Kokedame making again, Infusion crafting

Poisonous herbs workshop, Dyeing with herbs (in a colourful way)

Nettle fibre work, Seasonal celebrations, Field trips to other herb gardens

More wildlife habitats, Herb tea workshops, Some witchy ceremonies

Smudge bundles, Get involved with museumnacht.

Make a big flower press and create a herbarium using it.

Fully map the gardens, Create a leaflet for visitors, Info boards.

Complete the hut, Adopt a cat, Visit gardens of the gardeners.


Groundboer, Mallet, Primitive cooking arrangement, Cold frame type green house.

Avocado picker (no we don’t have that fruiting here yet but the tool is great for the plums, apples, quinces and pears).


More Deadnettles, hyssop, kardoen, marshallow, wild sunflowers, wild flower bulbs,

Wild medicinal plants corner, more herbal climbers, hawthorn, grapes, juniper.

Chamomile, Motherwort, Lavender, Sage varieties, honeysuckle.

Grow more trees from seeds and cuttings.

We have a few things to be busy with over the autumn, winter and early spring. Do join us, if you would like to get involved.






Author: Lynn


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