NL doet Compost heap building!


I have organised another NL doet event this year, because the orchards needs a smart new compost heap and we need some help to make this happen.  Would you like to help?

10.00 – 11.30

Saturday 8th March 2018

River of Herbs orchards, behind Huise Frankendael, Park Frankendael.

We don’t add any food waste to our compost heap, simply green waste from cutting back the perennial herbs which grow in the orchards. Most often, our green waste is laid as a mulch beneath the growing plants but sometimes there is just too much to handle so we need a place to keep it tidy. Over time, the collected green waste rots down and makes great quality organic compost which we then use to enrich areas of the orchards soil.

A few years ago, the green team at Elsevier joined us for a morning and helped us to willow weave the current compost heap. Willow woven structures are fabulous but they decay over time and now, our compost heap is in need of replacement. NL doet funding (from Oranje fonds) is enabling to create a sturdy compost heap from longer lasting natural materials. We will also be planting some new flowing perennial herb plants on that morning to add to our stocks of native bee and people friendly plants.

There is a map of the location on the NL doet website. Or search online maps for Middenweg 72, Amsterdam 1097BS. The four orchards are around the back of the big old manor house (Huize Frankendael), hidden inside the smart hedges on all sides of the formal garden and restaurant terrace.

We can manage about 8 helpers so if you would like to help build the compost heap, please sign up via the NL doet website or if that doesn’t work, email Lynn at This will be a short, intense burst of action so if you sign up, please come along to start at 10.00. We can then get the job done before sharing a pot of tea and some cake.

Of course, if you want to get involved with the orchards before or after 10th March, send an email to find out more or join us at the orchards one Wednesday morning between about 10.30 and 11.30.

Kom mee en help met bouwen van een schitterende nieuwe compostbak in de River of Herbs boomgaarden.

We willen ook eetbare lente planten in de grond zetten.

Heeft uw zin om mee te helpen?

Author: Lynn


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