April – May Orchard Tasks

This morning five of us spent a couple of beautiful hours in the Geranium and Nettle orchards sprucing them up. The plant growth is so rapid at this time of year; A mile a minute, it seems! So much to see, smell, taste and do.

I’ll be there again next Thursday morning, 9.30 – 11.00 with tools, gloves and some herb tea. No experience needed – Come join me if you would like to! Call or WhatsApp me (Lynn Shore) on 0627596930 if needed.

For those of you who enjoy gardening and foraging at the River of Herbs Orchards on your own, you are always welcome. Here are the important tasks for the next few weeks:

  1. Path clearing of weeds – and if the weeds from the paths are edible or medicinal, feel free to take them home. Otherwise into the large willow woven compost bin (in the shady mushroom orchard).
  2. Edge trimming of stinging nettles – nipping them down enough, so people walking the orchard paths don’t sting that legs.
  3. Tree seedling removal – from where they can be reached without trampling the other plants and underground animal nests.
  4. Removal of wild garlic flower and seedhead spikes, from adjacent to the paths. To reduce the amount of seedlings in the paths resulting from falling mature seeds.
Seedlings growing in the paths

Please avoid piling wood in any of the plant borders. Today we found a neat but heavy pile of wood freshly ontop the main Sweet Cicely plant in the nettle orchard, near the circle and comfrey. Surely placed there with good intent but the wood from the storm needs to be outside of the orchards. Also please avoid stepping into the borders. Loads of wildlife lives in and on the soil. Stepping on it also upsets the amazing soil structure. We try only step in there when essential. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Author: Lynn


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