River-of-Herbs de Brug

River of Herbs is a small non-profit organisation which aims to encourage people to grow useful plants in disused spaces. All of our green-fingered activities seek to help people and wildlife.

Lynn Shore has run the project from Amsterdam, since setting it up in 2012. Her background is in biology, foraging, herbalism, permaculture and special needs teaching.  Over the years, ROH has connected heaps of green superstars, all working to make the world better for people, plants and wildlife. Through this collective, ROH has offered dozens of courses and workshops to people who want to learn green skills and make their environments greener, safer and community centred.  We have worked; primary schools, street corners, railway sidings, rooftops, pavement gardens, tree pits, parks, care homes, women’s centres and back yards. Now and then we give talks at green gatherings. There is always green work to be done and great people to meet.

wormwood and ladybird

We know that growing herbs in urban spaces helps people to connect,  take care of their surroundings, create wildlife opportunities and improve food sovereignty.

At present Lynn and a team of volunteers meets at Frankendael orchards on as many Thursday mornings as possible. Thursday morning (between 09:30 and 11.00 generally). Sometimes at other times. Other than that, we are working on community projects around Amsterdam and in small green businesses. Lynn runs a lean project at River of Herbs but for essential funding, we occasionally welcome visiting corporate groups and apply for green funds and we have now launched a membership scheme which we hope you will be interested in. We love learning and have worked with interns, researchers and lecturers from the University of Wageningen, University of Amsterdam and Iowa State University. We welcome collaboration when the aim is to help people – plants – wildlife.

River-of-Herbs stamped packets

So, do you want to get your hands dirty and connect with local people?  Or perhaps you fancy growing herbs in an empty patch of green but don’t know where to start? Then come on in and say hello…  And here’s a short video about how we work – Thanks Styn Swinkels for this, a few years ago.

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